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Labor Code 132a - Employer Discrimination Claims

California’s Labor Code is a set of laws governing the rights of employers and employees in the workplace. These laws include rules about worker safety, rights to overtime pay, and rules that govern workers’ compensation insurance and claims. Under Labor Code 132(a), employees who file a claim to receive workers’ compensation after being injured on the job have the right to be free from discrimination from their employers.

Some Employees Abuse Workers’ Compensation And LC 132(a)

Many employees who file claims for workers’ compensation benefits do so legitimately. However, some employees may file fraudulent claims, or may request an extension of benefits when they are no longer truly in need of (or legally entitled to receive) them. Sometimes, employees who have had their fraudulent claims denied may choose to try to “turn the tables” on their employer by invoking LC 132(a) and claiming that their employer discriminated against them.

Proving Non-Discrimination Can Be Challenging

If your employee files a lawsuit based on LC 132(a), proving that you did not discriminate against them can be challenging. However, by utilizing the services of an expert workers compensation attorney, you can ensure that your legal bases are covered in court. At Sacks Law Group, APC, we specialize in handling workers’ compensation defense for employers, and we are dedicated to rigorously researching and thoroughly investigating claims of discrimination so we can prove them to be unsubstantiated. We will advocate for you and your business and provide a solid defense against any false claims of discrimination that you may be facing.

Know Your Rights And Options

Many employers experience panic upon hearing the word “discrimination” because of the legal and financial havoc that such an accusation can bring with it. If an employee sues you under LC 132(a), you could face steep fines and other penalties if the court decides in their favor. That is why it is important to speak to a knowledgeable and experienced workers’ compensation specialist—so you can know your rights as an employer and your available options under the law. Our attorneys can review your case and help you get informed about what your next steps should be. You do not have to stand idly by while your business’s reputation is thrown under the bus by a disgruntled employee—you have rights under the Labor Code.

Contact Us For Help With Your Employer Discrimination Defense Case

Sacks Law Group, APC can offer legal advice and legal defense to you if you need an employer discrimination attorney in Los Angeles—or anywhere else in southern California—to assist with workers’ compensation defense. If you have an employee who is accusing you of engaging in discrimination after they filed a workers’ compensation claim, contact us for a case evaluation. We can help you learn more about your rights under the law and can help you fight accusations of discrimination with regard to workers’ compensation claims.

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