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Worker Arraigned for California Workers’ Compensation Fraud

March 15, 2021
Sacks Law Group, APC
Workers’ Compensation Fraud

Workers’ compensation protects both employees and employers. When a worker takes advantage of the system, it can cost your company money, time, and productivity. Fraud is a big issue in California. There have been multiple crackdowns and arrests throughout the state since the discovery that over $1 billion had been embezzled.

The aggressive and dedicated attorneys at Sacks Law Group, APC are here to protect your company. California doesn’t have a reputation for putting small businesses first, but our attorneys do. If you suspect a worker or a medical care provider is committing fraud, you need a workers compensation fraud attorney in Los Angeles, California. Call Sacks Law Group, APC, today.

California Landscaper Arraigned for Fraud

Angel Maces was a landscaper for a Temecula landscaping company. In 2018, he claimed that while he laid turf at a private residence, a turf piece slipped and injured his knee. After filing a workers compensation claim, he began receiving exams and treatments.

His employer’s insurance company began to suspect fraud and alerted the California Department of Insurance. They immediately started an investigation. Maces, his employer, and his doctor had a list of physical limitations. He needed crutches 100% of the time. However, surveillance showed Maces moving without said limitations on multiple occasions. The California Department of Insurance showed Maces moving without the use of crutches or a cane.

After their investigation, the committee concluded Maces misrepresented his physical limitations and knee injury. Maces had collected $42,888 in undeserved workers’ compensation benefits.

How Fraudulent Workers’ Compensation Affects Your Business in California?

California is strict about categorizing workers. Employees and independent contractors have to meet specific standards. Misrepresentation is now a criminal offense. As businesses increased their employee payroll, they also saw their workers’ comp risks increase. So how does a workers’ compensation claim affect a small business?

The direct costs of the workers’ compensation insurance in one, but there are many other indirect costs.

  • Loss of productivity can mean the difference between meeting quota or not.
  • Hiring and training a replacement employee
  • Overtime costs to cover the loss of productivity
  • Wages paid to the injured employee for absence
  • The time you spend handling the claim instead of focusing on your business

The small businesses that made it through pandemic shutdowns may struggle with added expenses. If you feel an employee is taking advantage of workers’ compensation benefits by misrepresenting their injury, or if you believe you they are committing fraud, reach out to Sacks Law Group, APC, today. You need a dedicated team on your side.

Why Sacks Law Group, APC?

Sacks Law Group, APC understand that many workers are gaining representation in their claims. As a business, you have entitled to even the playing field. Don’t let your business suffer due to fraudulent claims. When you need a workers’ compensation fraud lawyer in Los Angeles, California, call Sacks Law Group, APC. Contact us for a consultation of your case by clicking here or calling 310-216-7778.

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