Long Beach Workers' Compensation Coverage Issues & Arbitration
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Long Beach Workers' Compensation Coverage Issues and Arbitration

California labor laws state that all employers (with the exception of sole proprietorships) must provide workers’ compensation benefits to employees who become injured on the job. Only self-employed individuals are exempt from this rule, and even when employers do what they are supposed to and carry workers’ compensation insurance, coverage issues can arise in some cases and cause legal disputes to occur between an employer and someone deemed to be an employee. However, not every legal dispute has to be solved in a courtroom—arbitration is another option in some situations.

Coverage Issues Can Be Problematic For Employers And Employees

Workers’ compensation coverage issues can affect employees as well as employers and their businesses. If a worker gets hurt on the job and the liability extends beyond what is covered by workers’ compensation insurance, or if there is a conflict between two or more insurance carriers, there is the possibility of the employer facing legal action (as well as the employee not having the coverage they need). If you are experiencing workers’ compensation coverage issues, we urge you to reach out for a consultation today.

What Is Arbitration?

Arbitration is a means of settling legal matters without either party having to go to trial in a courtroom. Arbitration and mediation allow both sides of a legal dispute to be heard by an arbitrator or mediator who suggests an appropriate course of action to take, such as reaching an agreement on a cash settlement. At Sacks Law Group, APC, we have attorneys who have served as arbitrators and can assist you with negotiating with insurance carriers if there are issues with coverage.

The Importance Of Hiring Qualified Legal Counsel

Whether you are facing coverage issues, are considering arbitration, or have any other legal issue related to workers compensation defense, it is crucial to hire the right attorney to represent you and your business. You want to ensure that the attorney you choose is experienced in handling legal matters like yours, and respects that your unique situation requires a tailor-made defense strategy. We can offer legal advice on risk management and defend you against fraudulent claims, as well as representing you during arbitration and helping you sort out matters related to coverage issues, and we can help uninsured employers protect their businesses.

We Can Help With Workers’ Compensation Coverage Issues And Arbitration

If you want to speak to an attorney about workers’ compensation coverage issues and arbitration in Long Beach, contact Sacks Law Group, APC to discuss your legal options. We are experienced workers’ compensation defense lawyers, and our mission is to help employers protect their businesses and know their rights. We wrote the book on workers’ compensation defense, and we can use our legal know-how to help you and your company if you are facing legal problems related to workers’ compensation coverage, arbitration, fraudulent claims, or any other matter requiring the services of a workers’ compensation defense attorney. Contact us today for a case evaluation.

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