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Long Beach Workers' Compensation Fraud Defense Attorney

Workers’ compensation exists to help both employers and employees in the event of an employee becoming hurt on the job. Workers’ compensation allows employees with on-the-job injuries to receive benefits—cash compensation and medical benefits included—while they recover. Employers must carry workers’ compensation insurance by California state law, and this insurance serves to protect the business while ensuring that injured employees will get access to the benefits they are legally entitled to. However, not all employees filing claims are doing so legitimately.

What Is A Fraudulent Workers’ Compensation Claim?

A fraudulent workers’ compensation claim is one that is filed when the employee filing it has no legitimate need for the benefits they are requesting and does not actually meet the criteria for receiving those benefits. Fraud typically involves some form of deception on the part of the person committing it, and workers compensation fraud is no different.

Fraud Comes In Many Forms

Fraud can be committed in various ways. Some examples of fraudulent worker’s compensation claims can include:

  • An employee who is uninjured fakes injury in order to receive benefits.
  • An employee was injured at home who comes into work the next day and pretends the injury occurred on the job in order to make a claim for benefits.
  • An employee was injured on the job, but the injury came about due to willful self-injury in order to gain benefits.
  • An employee was injured on the job, but they exaggerated the extent of the injury in order to get access to more cash benefits.

Fraudulent Claims Hurt Employers

Although workers’ compensation insurance is immensely helpful to both businesses and employees when employees file fraudulent claims they can cause problems for their employers. Insurance premiums may accelerate after the filing of a claim, leaving you paying even more annually because someone wanted to game the system.

Criminal And Civil Penalties Apply To Workers’ Compensation Fraud

Fraudulent claims are not only bad for businesses, they are illegal and may be penalized harshly by the courts if their fraudulent nature is proven. Steep fines and even incarceration are possible penalties that people making fraudulent workers’ compensation claims could face. We can help you pursue justice if you are an employer who suspects an employee who filed a fraudulent claim for workers compensation benefits.

Sacks Law Group, APC Can Help You Fight Workers’ Compensation Fraud

If your employee filed a fraudulent claim and you need a workers’ compensation fraud defense attorney in Long Beach—or anywhere else in southern California—contact us today for a consultation. Our knowledgeable attorneys have the experience and skill to fight back against fraud, and we have helped our employer clients put dishonest employees behind bars. Fraudulent claims hurt businesses, taking cash out of your pocket and putting it into the hands of someone who is not legally entitled to have it. Call today to get a head start on fighting fraudulent claims.

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