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If you are dealing with serious discrimination allegations, it's important to hire an experienced Marina Del Rey labor code 132a defense attorney to handle your case for your deserved compensation.
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Marina Del Rey Labor Code 132a Defense Attorney

California employers are legally required to purchase workers’ compensation coverage. Ideally, workers’ compensation exists so that employees can recover financial compensation for their medical bills and lost wages when they are injured in on-the-job accidents.

However, some employees attempt to recover compensation to which they may not be entitled by filing fraudulent claims or requesting unnecessary extensions of benefits.

An employer has justification to deny a claim or otherwise hold an employee accountable when they fraudulently attempt to “game the system.” That said, when employers exercise this right, they may face penalties if employees take legal action by citing California Labor Code 132(a).

Have you been accused of a Labor Code 132(a) violation by a current or former employee? If so, a Marina del Rey Labor Code 132(a) defense attorney with Sacks Law Group, APC can potentially help you avoid being penalized.

Marina del Rey Labor Code 132(a) Cases: What You Need to Know

Again, California’s workers’ compensation laws exist so that workers can safely and relatively easily seek compensation for losses resulting from work-related injuries or illnesses. Labor Code 132(a) specifically prohibits employers from retaliating or discriminating against employees who file legitimate claims to recover workers’ compensation benefits.

The phrasing of this law is fairly general and broad. It does explain that discharging or threatening to discharge an employee who has filed a workers’ compensation claim or who has indicated they plan to do so is illegal. However, it doesn’t describe in major detail other activities or responses that could be considered retaliatory or discriminatory in nature in this context.

An employee might take advantage of that lack of specificity when they file a Labor Code 132(a) lawsuit. A worker may cite various forms of treatment that they believe were examples of retaliation or discrimination against them to seek additional compensation after having already filed a claim to recover workers’ compensation benefits. If this happens, get in touch with a Marina del Rey Labor Code 132(a) defense lawyer to protect yourself and your company.

How a Marina del Rey Labor Code 132(a) Defense Attorney Helps

Don’t ignore the issue if an employee sues you for a Labor Code 132(a) violation. If they win their case, you may be subject to heavy fines and other such penalties.

To guard against these outcomes, you must prove you did not discriminate against an employee who filed a workers’ compensation claim. Doing so on your own can be challenging. To optimize your chances of avoiding significant consequences, coordinate with the experts at our Marina del Rey Labor Code 132(a) defense firm. We have the expertise necessary to fight back against an employee’s baseless claims.

Contact a Marina del Rey Labor Code 132(a) Defense Attorney

A Marina del Rey Labor Code 132(a) defense lawyer with Sacks Law Group is on hand to review your case and offer the effective representation you need when you’ve been accused of violating this particular California labor law. Get started today by contacting us online or calling us at 310-216-7778 to discuss your case.

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