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Marina Del Rey Workers Compensation Defense Attorney

There might come a time for any business where the need for a workers’ compensation defense attorney may come into play. Even with workers’ compensation insurance, you may need an attorney to defend you against claims you are not liable for or fraudulent claims. Filing an appeal may be a good option but is often difficult to win if you do not have a Marina Del Rey workers compensation defense attorney on your side.

Representation for Fraudulent Claims

This is an odd reality for some, but employees can and will file a fraudulent claim against their employer. These claims often involve an employee causing an injury to themselves to get worker compensation benefits. In other claims, they may not even have an injury but are attempting to obtain benefits. A Marina Del Rey workers’ compensation defense attorney will work to investigate and prove the fraud. If fraud has been found, there can be criminal charges filed.

Defense for the Insured

You may think that being insured is sufficient to protect you against any workers’ compensation claims, but that is not always the case. During a case evaluation, we will look at every angle and aspect of the accident and the events leading up to the accident. We will look at the medical file and any treatments that were advised or requested by medical professionals. The goal is to ensure that the business and business owner are only paying for what the claim merits and no more. There may be third-party liability and fraud that can be uncovered during a workers’ compensation investigation.

Defense for the Uninsured

Not having workers’ compensation insurance does have its defenses in the event of a claim. It takes an experienced Marina Del Rey workers’ compensation defense attorney to adequately and effectively defend you in this situation. We also offer risk management solutions for the uninsured. There are steps you can take to get your business on the right track, and we can help you do just that. Through our risk management services, we help our clients become informed on mitigating legal risks and avoiding penalties.

Workers’ Compensation Insurance Requirements

Almost any business entity is required to have workers’ compensation insurance with the exemption of sole proprietorships and the self-employed. Essentially all employers in the state with a minimum of one employee must carry workers’ compensation insurance. If you do not carry workers’ compensation insurance, you may face a misdemeanor criminal charge which can result in a fine of at least $10,000 and one year in jail. There are several other penalties you can face, and this can ultimately cost you your business.

Call the Premier Marina Del Rey Workers’ Compensation Defense Attorney

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