Riverside Workers' Compensation Coverage Issues & Arbitration
If your carrier has denied coverage and you want to dispute their refusal of liability, our Riverside workers compensation coverage issues and arbitration attorney will help you right away!
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Riverside Workers' Compensation Coverage Issues and Arbitration

Workers’ compensation benefits are given to employees who become hurt on the job and file a claim. These benefits exist to protect the employee during their recovery from the injury and they also help employers steer clear of costly lawsuits related to lack of carrying the required insurance. However, not every claim will result in a straightforward outcome where benefits are paid by insurance carriers. In some cases, insurance coverage may be denied by the carrier and the case may enter arbitration.

What Is Arbitration?

Arbitration is a means of settling legal matters related to workers’ compensation without going to trial. Arbitration typically happens when a claim is filed and an insurance carrier disagrees that they are liable to pay the claim. The process of arbitration is intended to bring about a resolution to a legal dispute without taking the matter to court.

Which Cases Go To Arbitration?

Generally, cases will enter arbitration when an insurance company refuses liability in a workers’ compensation claim that has been filed. This may happen in instances where there are multiple carriers and the carriers disagree on which company is legally responsible for paying the benefits for the claim, or when an insurance company takes the position that they are not liable to pay the claim for other reasons (for example, if the injury took place in an area not covered by the insurance).

Coping With Coverage Issues

A workers compensation defense lawyer can assist you with navigating your way through insurance coverage issues. When your carrier denies liability on a claim, it is important to know where the issue lies and how it can be resolved. The lawyers at Sacks Law Group, APC are experts in arbitration and can assist you with settling these often complex matters outside of the courtroom. If your carrier has denied coverage and you want to dispute their refusal of liability, we are available to help.

We Are Workers’ Compensation Defense Specialists

Our firm specializes in workers’ compensation defense, and we can help employers with legal matters both at arbitration and at trial. Some of the legal services we offer to employers who are facing claims include:

  • Risk management counseling
  • Advice to uninsured employers
  • Uninsured and self-insured employer defense
  • Workers compensation fraud defense
  • Discrimination allegations defense

Workers’ Compensation Arbitration Attorney In Riverside

Employers facing coverage issues and maybe entering arbitration are urged to seek legal counsel early on. Sacks Law Group, APC specializes in Employer Defense in arbitration. Our legal team has the expertise and experience required to achieve a favorable outcome at arbitration. While arbitration is distinct from a trial in several ways, you must have a competent attorney who is well-versed in workers’ compensation law and advocates for you and your business both before and after arbitration. To book a consultation, please get in touch with us today.

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