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Riverside Workers' Compensation Fraud Defense Attorney

Workers’ compensation benefits are a legal must in the state of California. All employers must carry workers’ compensation insurance and offer these benefits—which could include cash payments, covering costs of medical care, and vocational rehabilitation services—to employees who get hurt while at work. Both employers and employees reap rewards from the workers’ compensation system: it serves to protect injured employees and protect employers from facing financial ruin if an employee gets hurt at work and the employer is liable for their injuries. However, although the workers’ compensation system functions well, sometimes the issue of fraud can arise.

What Is Workers’ Compensation Fraud?

Workers compensation fraud occurs when anything related to a workers’ compensation claim is fabricated, deceptive, or otherwise intentionally misleading. Fraud may be committed by the employee filing the claim or by the professionals at the other end of that claim, such as the diagnosing or treating physicians. An employee may exploit the workers’ compensation system in order to get larger cash payments or other benefits, while a treating physician may be deceptive with their reporting to insurance companies in order to better line their own pockets.

Examples Of Workers’ Compensation Fraud

Some examples of workers’ compensation fraud include:

  • Employee faking an injury in order to file a claim for benefits
  • An employee making an injury out to be far worse than it actually is in order to obtain more benefits
  • The employee was injured outside of the workplace but lies, stating the injury occurred at work in order to qualify for benefits
  • Diagnosing a physician exaggerates the extent of the employee’s injury
  • The treating physician continues to treat employee after injuries have healed sufficiently for them to return to work
  • Treating physician engages in malpractice and gives employee unnecessary addictive medications in order to extend treatment time

How An Attorney Can Help You And Your Business

Whether an employee is attempting to defraud you or you are facing fraud allegations yourself, a workers compensation defense attorney can help you protect your reputation and your company. We will thoroughly investigate the matter and customize a defense based on the facts we find. We will vigorously advocate for you and your business, and keep you informed every step of the way. We will work hard to keep more money in your pocket and offer legal advice that caters to your—and your business’s—best interests.

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