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If you are concerned about your company’s liability regarding a benefits claim or how to deal with your carrier or adjuster, contact our Santa Ana workers' compensation counseling lawyer.
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Santa Ana Workers' Compensation Counseling

It is California state law that all employers with more than a single employee must carry workers’ compensation insurance in case an employee becomes hurt at work. This law does not apply to self-employed individuals, but for even the smallest family business, workers’ compensation insurance is a legal requirement. When an employee files a claim for benefits, negotiating with insurance carriers and communicating effectively with adjusters can be treacherous terrain for an employer to travel if they are not informed about their legal rights. The workers compensation defense experts at Sacks Law Group, APC can help you get informed so you can minimize risk.

We Can Help Answer Your Questions About Workers’ Compensation

The process of handling a claim is not always a straightforward one for employers. However, employers can seek advice from an expert attorney if they want to know more about how to mitigate risks and protect their businesses. If you have questions about coverage, carriers, and how to handle interacting with adjusters, we can help. We are experienced and knowledgeable in all aspects of workers’ compensation defense, and our goal is to help you obtain the tools you need to keep your business running smoothly even if you are facing legal issues over workers’ compensation.

Risk Management Is Important For Employers

Operating any business, no matter how large or small involves measuring risks and rewards before making decisions. Managing risks that could threaten your enterprise is crucial for employers. Taking legal risks when it comes to workers’ compensation could lead to negative outcomes that have a serious impact on your business and your bottom line. Get in touch with a workers’ compensation defense attorney at Sacks Law Group, APC if you want to discuss minimizing risks with an expert in California labor laws.

Weighing Costs

Insurance premiums can be costly for employers, but the costs of being uninsured in the state of California can be far more expensive. Although annual premiums will remain relatively stable, the costs of dealing with an employee lawsuit or defending yourself and your business against criminal charges associated with being uninsured can add up fast. Civil and criminal penalties can include more than 100,000 dollars in fines and fees, as well as up to a year in a local jail for employers who carry no insurance. We can assist you if you are an uninsured employer facing legal issues.

Workers’ Compensation Counseling In Santa Ana

Sacks Law Group, APC provides workers compensation counseling throughout southern California. Our attorneys specialize in offering legal services related to workers’ compensation defense, and our goal is to help employers minimize risks, navigate coverage issues, and protect their businesses in the event of an employee lawsuit. If you are concerned about your company’s liability in regard to a benefits claim or you have questions about how to deal with your carrier or adjuster, contact us today for a consultation.

Uninsured Employers

Providing expert defense against fraudulent and frivolous workers’ compensation claims.

Insurance Carriers & Self Insured Employers

Providing comprehensive workers’ compensation defense to insured and self-insured Employers.