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For more than 40 years, our attorneys have defended uninsured contractors and other uninsured companies against workers’ compensation claims. Contact us if you have the case.
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Representing Uninsured Contractors in Workers' Compensation Claims

California requires that all employers carry workers’ compensation insurance. The penalties for not carrying such insurance are severe and include criminal prosecution, large fines, and possible dissolution of the business.

Sacks Law Group, APC, is one of the leading worker’s compensation defense firms in Southern California. For more than 40 years, they have defended uninsured contractors and other uninsured companies against workers’ compensation claims. Their past successes and thorough understanding of the law are well-known and respected throughout all of Southern California.

If you are an uninsured contractor or represent an uninsured contracting company and need defense against a workers compensation claim, contact Sacks Law Group, APC. The Employer Defense lawyers will review your case and discuss your legal options.

Helping Protect Uninsured Contracting Companies

If an uninsured contractor is being sued for workers’ compensation, the results could be devastating for the person and company he or she represents. Just one claim against the employer could result in possible criminal penalties and the possible loss of all business assets. Other consequences include potential heavy fines and business closure.

The lawyers at Sacks Law Group, APC, assist uninsured employers by helping protect their assets and prevent the business from closing. Their understanding of workers’ compensation helps employers move forward from the incident in complete compliance with the law.

Uncover your options. For a consultation with an employer-defense California workers’ compensation defense attorney at Sacks Law Group, call 310-216-7778 or contact the firm online.

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Uninsured Employers

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