Injured Workers: Social Security Disability Claims
When it comes to receiving disability, workers with injuries must meet several requirements, according to the Social Security Administration.
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Injured Workers and Social Security Disability

December 02, 2016
Sacks Law Group, APC
Work Injury

In California, employees are hurt in the workplace on a daily basis. For some injured workers, different challenges may arise. For example, people may struggle with daily tasks because they have an inability to walk or drive. In Los Angeles and other parts of the state, injured employees may also experience financial hardships due to missing work. However, some people claim they are in this position solely to take advantage of Social Security disability benefits.

When it comes to receiving disability, workers with injuries must meet a number of requirements, according to the Social Security Administration. For example, the person must have an injury which is so serious it leaves them unable to work. Additionally, the employee needs to have been employed in an occupation that is covered for a certain period of time, often at least 10 years. The person’s injury must prevent them from working, typically for a year or longer, given his or her academic background, work history, and age.

When applying for Social Security disability, injured workers will need to provide various types of information concerning their job, the nature of their injury, and their identity. Workers may also have to send in a number of documents (W-2 forms, birth certificates, etc.). While people can apply in Social Security offices, they also have the ability to submit applications online without making appointments. For employers and employees alike, preventing workplace injuries should remain a top priority, since these accidents are often costly and lead to challenges on both sides.

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