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People who get injured on the job are supposed to file claims through worker's compensation claims. Employers are legally obligated to provide worker's compensation insurance at the workplace according to the California statute.
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Extreme Worker’s Compensation Fraud

May 03, 2019
Sacks Law Group, APC
Workers’ Compensation Fraud

There will always be people who spend more time trying to cheat the system then doing their real job. In the end, people who do this always get caught, but the wreckage they leave is sometimes beyond repair. If people spent more time doing their job then trying to find quick cash schemes, they could probably come up with the same amount of money. People who choose to fraud worker’s compensation claims not only hurt themselves but the people who really need those claims and the employers who are doing their best to provide those benefits to real injured people.

Our Los Angeles Workers Compensation Fraud Attorneys at SSacks Law Group, APC have front row seats to watch employees lie to avoid the consequences of committing fraud. Our clients are honest working business owners who are doing their best to run a business and provide for his or her families. When people try to take advantage of such a person, it breaks down the integrity of the worker’s compensation program.  We know it is hard to find good help, but you should never have to confront a liar alone. Our Los Angeles Worker’s Compensation Fraud Attorneys are here to stand firm by your side. We are ready to commit to the investigation and provide evidence that will prove that someone is acting fraudulently.

Worst Cases

People who get injured on the job are supposed to file claims through workers compensation claims. Employers are legally obligated to provide worker’s compensation insurance at the workplace according to the California statute. Employees are allowed to use these benefits if the claim is approved. Generally, the system is followed and benefits are used accordingly. However, there are situations where someone tries to take advantage of the benefits. Here are a few examples:

  • A woman allegedly hurt her foot while at work. She filed a claim and it was approved. The injury was severe enough to prevent her from standing or walking for long amounts of time. She was caught on tape using the crutches and boot while she was at the doctor’s office. However, later in the day, she was also caught on camera walking without her crutches and holding her boot in her hand in attempts to hit someone.
  • A man injured his back, left ankle, and heel on the job. The claim was approved. The pain was so severe that it rendered him from working at all. However, he was caught on video effortlessly pushing his pickup truck after it stalled out.
  • A woman hurt her neck and shoulders at work. Her injury was so painful that she had to get routine shots to alleviate the pain. She was alleviated from all work duties. She was later caught riding in a rodeo competition on two different occasions after her date of injury.

People lie all the time and they take advantage of systems that good honest people need. Don’t get caught taken over by their lies. Call 310-216-7778 or click here to start a discussion with our professional attorneys at Sacks Law Group, APC in Los Angeles today.

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