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Long Beach Labor Code 132a Defense Attorney

When employers terminate the employment of a person who is receiving workers’ compensation benefits at the time of their termination, it is not uncommon for the former employee to invoke alleged discrimination in order to create legal problems for their formers employers. These accusations can be hazardous for any business, leading to ruined reputations even before legal action has been taken in the courts. At Sacks Law Group, APC, we help employers protect their reputations—and their businesses—by defending them against accusations of discrimination under Labor Code 132(a).

State Law On Discriminatory Termination

California’s Labor Code dictates which business practices are acceptable and legal for employers in our state. Labor Code 132(a) states that it is not lawful for an employer to discriminate against an employee for filing a claim to receive workers’ compensation benefits, nor is it lawful to threaten to engage in such discrimination.

Many Employers Face False Accusations

It is not uncommon for employers to face false discrimination accusations from employees (or prior employees) who are looking to get a settlement. Although it is no more legal to falsely accuse an employer of discrimination than it is to engage in discrimination, it can be challenging to prove that discrimination was not a factor in denying a workers’ compensation claim or in terminating an employee who filed a claim. This makes it all too easy for disgruntled employees to level accusations against their employers in the hope of besmirching their reputations and making a cash grab on their way out.

An Experienced Attorney Can Make A Difference

You do not have to face down these accusations alone. An experienced workers compensation defense attorney can make a difference in the outcome of any legal issues that arise after being accused of discriminatory business practices. Our attorneys are skilled and experienced, and we know how to investigate these issues in order to uncover the truth and prove your accuser wrong. We will defend you and help you protect your company’s best interests so that you can get back to running your business and get your life back on track.

Do Not Let A Disgruntled Employee Ruin Your Business

Being accused of discrimination is a serious matter that can have serious consequences. However, employers have rights too, and you have the right to retain a workers’ compensation defense attorney if you are tangled in a legal issue with a past or present employee. Consult with one of our attorneys to learn more about how we can provide legal assistance to you and your company.

We Can Help You Fight Discrimination Accusations

If you are facing accusations of discriminatory practices under California Labor Code 132(a), we can come to your defense. Our firm consists of experienced attorneys who specialize in handling all legal matters related to workers’ compensation defense, including employer discrimination Under Labor Code 132(a) defense in Long Beach and elsewhere in southern California. We wrote the book on workers’ compensation defense, and we have a solid history of getting desirable results for our client’s legal issues. Contact Sacks Law Group, APC for a consultation today.

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