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Marina Del Rey Employer/Employee Disputes Attorney

It is only fitting that the workplace is a safe environment. Unfortunately, though, employees are subjected to unfair and illegal conditions by devious employers. Sacks Law Group, APC can help employees understand their rights. Any labor violations can result in lost wages, benefits, and stress with missed opportunities. Consult with a Marina Del Rey employer/employee dispute attorney today.

Unfair Labor Practices

Unfair labor practices against employees can take on many different forms. You might be subjected to wrongful termination, discrimination, harassment, refusal to give a reasonable accommodation, employer retaliation, and wage-hour violations. At Sacks Law Group, APC we deal with many civil litigation cases that involve employer and employee disputes. Our attorneys possess the knowledge and dedication required to support workers. Our firm has been recognized for filing more labor and employment cases than other firms.

If you believe that you may have been a victim of unfair or illegal treatment in the workplace, be sure to contact us at Sacks Law Group, APC for a free case evaluation.

Why Would I Need A Lawyer to Handle Employment-Related Issues?

To effectively and fully enforce state and federal laws that protect employees against disputes or any illegal actions requires an attorney. Employer and employee dispute attorneys represent employers because there is an understanding that non-unionized employees are powerless against employers.

Even if you have been caught up in only one employment dispute, some larger employers and attorneys handle employment disputes almost every day. This enforces the notion that certain employers have much more experience and resources available to them than you as an employee may have for a claim. Employees who have neglected to consult with an attorney can be at a real disadvantage.

The concept of succeeding in an employment lawsuit without an attorney is next to impossible. Other than knowing the law and legal proceedings, a lawyer will use the knowledge needed to win and prevent a business from using unfair tactics to win the case. Our team cannot stress this enough, do not make the mistake of thinking you will win while saving on attorney fees by taking the claim to trial alone. You run the risk of ending up with nothing. In an even worse situation, you may have to pay your employer for any or all expenses they incurred in defending against your lawsuit.

Should I Consult A Lawyer Right Away?

In its simplest form, yes. Employees are strongly encouraged to talk to a lawyer immediately if one or more of the following apply to them.

  • You have concerns about how you are being treated.
  • You are considering quitting because of your employer’s unlawful conduct.
  • You do not want to or cannot negotiate with your employer about severance pay.
  • You do not fully understand your rights or are unsure of the proper action after termination.

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