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If you are facing a legal issue related to workers’ compensation, you should consult with a workers’ compensation defense attorney in Riverside from Sacks Law Group, APC.
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Riverside Workers' Compensation Defense Attorney

It is a California state law that every employer (barring sole proprietors or self-employed people) must provide workers’ compensation benefits to any employee who gets hurt while completing their job duties. These benefits can include cash compensation, coverage of medical care costs, and vocational rehab services to prepare the employee to re-enter the workforce after recovering from their injuries. Workers’ compensation is designed to help both employers and employees, but no system is free from flaws and legal issues can arise in a variety of ways. At Sacks Law Group, APC, we offer employers facing such legal matters advocacy and defense in the courtroom.

Risk Management Services

Employers who are interested in mitigating risks to their businesses can consult with one of our attorneys who offers counsel to minimize risk. Taking risks is part of running a business, but some risks can be ruinous and we can help you identify and manage risks and help you ensure your business is in alignment with local labor laws.

Defending Uninsured Employers

Uninsured employers will find themselves in need of legal services when an employee gets hurt on the job and files a workers’ compensation claim. Uninsured employers can face some serious penalties in court resulting in major fines that can threaten the business and may even face jail time. Our workers compensation defense attorneys can defend you in court and will push to reduce those penalties so you can save your business and your livelihood.

Helping You Fight Fraudulent Claims And Appeals

Some employees file fraudulent claims, misrepresenting the nature or severity of their injuries in order to get benefits from their employers. Other employees file claims that are subsequently denied and make appeals to the Workers’ Compensation Appeals Board in an effort to get benefits. We can help employers fight fraudulent claims and will represent employers during appeals hearings.

Defending Against Discrimination And Willful Misconduct Allegations

Being accused of engaging in discriminatory practices under California Labor Code Section 132(a) can be ruinous to a company’s reputation, and so can allegations of an employer engaging in serious and willful misconduct. The laws surrounding these accusations are complex, and our expert attorneys know them down to the letter. We defend employers facing discrimination or willful misconduct allegations.

We Are Workers’ Compensation Defense Experts

If you are facing a legal issue related to workers’ compensation as an employer and you want to consult with a workers’ compensation defense attorney in Riverside, contact Sacks Law Group, APC today. We wrote the book on workers’ compensation defense, and we take pride in our work. We can help you protect your business—we offer risk minimization counseling and can defend uninsured and self-insured employers or employers facing discrimination allegations, as well as advocating for employers dealing with workers compensation fraud or workers’ compensation appeals. Contact us for a case evaluation with one of our legal specialists today.

Uninsured Employers

Providing expert defense against fraudulent and frivolous workers’ compensation claims.

Insurance Carriers & Self Insured Employers

Providing comprehensive workers’ compensation defense to insured and self-insured Employers.