Representing Insurance Brokers in Workers' Compensation Claims
The firm has extensive experience in workers’ compensation defense for employers who are self-insured or who were uninsured for a while before obtaining insurance coverage. Contact us today at 310-216-7778.
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Workers’ Compensation Insurance Brokers Defense Attorneys

As a leading workers’ compensation defense firm in California, Sacks Law Group, APC, is frequently asked by insurance brokers and other law firms to provide counsel or representation for their clients.

The firm has extensive experience in workers compensation defense for employers who are self-insured or who were uninsured for a while before obtaining insurance coverage. While the fundamental principles of workers’ compensation law are the same as for other cases, in practice these cases contain distinctive legal aspects. Experience can make a difference in the outcome.

Why an Insurance Broker May Need to Dispute a Claim

As a workers’ compensation insurance broker, you play a critical role in the workplace infrastructure across the state of California. Most people do not realize just how complex the workers’ compensation system is in the state. California law dictates that every employer in this state carries workers’ comp insurance, even if they are a small business, a family business, or only have one employee.

However, there are times when insurance brokers get caught in the middle of workers’ compensation insurance disputes. This can include issues that arise on the part of an employer or disputes about whether or not to pay a claim.

For example, there are various reasons why an employer or an insurance carrier may need to deny a workers’ compensation plan. This can include:

  • A dispute over how the injury occurred
  • The injury not occurring during work hours
  • The employer being intoxicated by alcohol or drugs
  • The injury happening due to horse playing in the workplace
  • The worker not seeking medical care
  • …and more

When a dispute occurs, the alleged injured worker could file a lawsuit against multiple parties in an effort to receive compensation, including the employer, insurance provider, and the insurance broker. Even though an insurance broker typically plays no role in the denial of these claims, simply being named in a lawsuit can create headaches.

Additionally, employers could engage in various types of behavior that could end up falling back on the insurance broker. This could include:

  • Serious and willful misconduct, particularly around purposely not having workers’ compensation insurance
  • Wrongfully denying workers’ compensation claims
  • Committing various types of insurance fraud
  • …and more

Why an Attorney is Needed For These Disputes

At Sacks Law Group, APC, our dedicated team has extensive experience handling every aspect of workers’ compensation laws throughout the state of California. We have the resources necessary to get to the bottom of these situations. Our team regularly defends employers, insurance carriers, and insurance brokers when it comes to disputes that arise with workers’ compensation claims.

The reality is that an attorney is needed to defend these claims in court. Going into these situations without legal assistance could be devastating to the bottom line of employers and insurance carriers, as well as insurance brokers. An attorney can fully examine the facts of the case, conduct an independent investigation if necessary, and fully represent workers’ compensation insurance brokers in court.

Experienced Defense for Insurance Brokers and Small Businesses

For more than 40 years, the law firm of Sacks Law Group, APC, has represented employers facing difficult or unique workers’ compensation problems. The firm’s lawyers understand the idiosyncrasies of workers’ compensation law. They have worked with investigators and prosecutors to uncover criminal insurance fraud in workers’ compensation matters.

Sacks Law Group, APC, energetically defends the rights and interests of small business clients facing legal problems in workers’ compensation and related areas.

If you are an insurance broker who has a client-facing problem involving workers’ compensation, Labor Code 132a, serious and willful, or insurance fraud, the attorneys at Sacks Law Group, APC, would like to talk with you.

For a consultation with Sacks Law Group, call 310-216-7778 or contact the firm online.

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