Worker's Compensation Fraud: A Baby's Tale
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Worker’s Compensation Fraud: A Baby’s Tale

March 02, 2019
Sacks Law Group, APC
Workers’ Compensation Fraud

There are people in this world who will put as much effort into not doing something that if they just did the thing they were supposed to do, it would be a lot easier. But, people like to make things harder on themselves by attempting to do things the “easy way”. Haven’t we all seen enough movies? Watched enough documentaries? Eventually, the bad guy always gets caught. It may take a few years, but in the end, the bad guy doesn’t get to the happy ending.

When you own a business there is a lot of liability that you have to work with and own up to. In California, it is mandatory that any business purchase workers compensation insurance. It is mandatory because every business owner should have their worker’s interests at heart. After all, where would we be without those who do the little things or work the dirty jobs? We need people to work just as people need us to create places to work. So what’s the big issue? The big issue is that people are not so honest and they like to take advantage of systems that are put in place to protect them.

Have you heard the expression “one bad apple kills the spoils the bunch”? Well, that is how it works when someone attempts to fraudulently play the worker’s compensation business. Thousands of people in America are playing the system by acting out scams that cost the average of $1 billion a year. That is $1 billion dollars, at the least, that is not going to those who have real problems; those who are really suffering and need the money in order to survive and provide for their family. An example of this is of a man and his wife who tagged teamed the worker’s compensation system into believing that he was injured and needed the money to stay at home from work.

Baby Tales

A former bus driver, Bruce Gilbert, was said to suffer from a regressive mental ailment that gave him the mental capacity of a 5-year-old. Due to this regressive mental injury, Gilbert talked like a baby. He often used short phrases and repeated words. He was also said to only eat certain favorite foods like “pizza and spaghetti”. The wife blamed an “on the job” injury and for over 10 years they collected from workers compensation. Before investigators caught Gilbert on the golf course acting like a normal man, he and his wife have collected $774,000.  Every year, the couple received $77,400. This is more than the average salary. Thankfully they were caught and put to justice, but not without the help of a team of attorneys by the employer’s side.

Our Los Angeles Workers Compensation Fraud Attorneys at Sacks Law Group, APC are ready to be your team. Call 310-216-7778 or click here for more information on how we can stop the fraudulent behavior and help you recover the lies that have been spinning. We are ready to fight aggressively for you and get you the justice you deserve.

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