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On the other hand, if OSHA decides to issue citations for work safety violations, the company has a right to an employer defense through the proper legal channels and procedures.
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Category: Workers’ Compensation Defense

May 20, 2015
Sacks Law Group, APC
An employer can be seriously distraught when a fatal accident happens in the workplace. Not only can this be emotionally challenging, but it can also result in significant financial damage to a compan...
May 05, 2015
Sacks Law Group, APC
Safety in the workplace is essential no matter what industry. However, it can be particularly important in the construction industry in California since there are significantly more dangers of injury ...
April 29, 2015
Sacks Law Group, APC
The unexpected death of a worker is always an emotional experience for an employer. Not only is the loss of human life tragic and challenging to confront, but the legal implications can also be quite ...
April 14, 2015
Sacks Law Group, APC
Authorities charged three California workers with insurance fraud for claiming that workplace injuries were preventing them from returning to work. This includes a roofer, housekeeper and lab worker. ...
April 02, 2015
Sacks Law Group, APC
There are risks at just about any workplace. However, construction sites tend to have more potential for serious injuries than other types of work environments in California. This can be a problem for...
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